Adam has been studying the body and energy flow of the universe for the past 15 years. His initiation into this work began with the teachings of a Crone (Elder woman) in Boulder, CO, whom he would help garden and vacuum her apartment in exchange for lessons and guidance in Tibetan and Zen Buddhism. During this time, he began to practice Tai Chi while studying both eastern and western spiritual philosophies. Over the course of his adult life he has experimented with numerous meditation practices, plant medicines, yoga, qigong, stretching and physical conditioning to improve his sensitivity for energy flow and physiological understanding.

As a professional carpenter for over a decade, physical pain and tension have been a constant teacher and have greatly illuminated the importance of balancing soft practices with strength and conditioning training. Adam has followed the example of the great healers of Taoist and Buddhist lineages, continuously developing his body as a conduit for greater capacity of Qi circulation and spiritual development.

Adam Bear completed his Body Intelligence training in 2020 and is a registered practitioner with the BCTA/NA. He currently offers in-person Qigong classes, 1:1 Energy Cultivation mentorships for Men (in-person and distance), and Biodynamic Craniosacral treatments in his community on Whidbey Island in Washington State. He is a lead facilitator for Sacred Sons, an organization dedicated to Masculine Alchemy, guiding men towards physical and emotional healing and full embodiment of the masculine archetypes (

Adam lives on Whidbey Island with his wife and their two daughters.

Adam Bear - Assistant Tutor